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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 30, 2023 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight, outrage in iowa after authorities called off rescue efforts inside of a collapsed apartment building with residents still inside the surprise survivor rescued after responders said no one else was alive in the rubble two more now feared trapped. the city under fire for trying to demolish the building today we hear from desperate family members also tonight, the most brazen attack inside russia yet. drones targeting residential areas in moscow how president putin is responding tonight the mass shooting on a boardwalk in florida. nine injured, four of them children while in california, a group of teens attacking these marines. the first big test in congress for the debt deal with a deadline to default just days away news about former first lady rosalynn carter her new diagnosis just announced. close call caught
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on camera. a chinese fighter jet comes within 400 feet of a u.s. air force plane. our richard engel's dangerous assignment inside an african nation pracactically rurun by a russian mercenary group. how it's fueling the war in ukraine mystery solved why the famed venice canal suddenly turned green. and a major comeback for the pitcher diagnosed with cancer just five months ago >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt and good evening i'm tom llamas in for lester there is fear and outrage in iowa tonight as desperate families cling to hope that their loved ones may still be alive inside a partially collapsed apartment building in the city of davenport look at these images part of the building is totally gone, but then there was this amazing scene last night. a resident waving for help some 27 hours after the collapse not only that, it came
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after authorities said that first responders had checked the entire building and no one was left inside. in fact, they were planning to demolish the building as early as today that sparked fresh outrage today with families demanding the demolition be pushed back, fearing that more residents could still be trapped now city officials say they believe at least two people may still be inside. maggie vespa is following it all for us from davenport tonight. >> get her out get her out! get her out! >> reporter: tonight a miraculous rescue deemed a turning point in davenport 52-year-old lisa brooks suddenly appearing in her fourth floor window monday night, hours after the search for survivors was called off. >> we do not have any credible information at this time of anyone missing. >> reporter: despite family and friends insisting brooks was still unaccounted for. >> she's not anywhere, nowhere to be found. >> reporter: but brooks, who family says is disabled, was inside, spending much of the last 24 hours her family says in
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shock, cowering in her bathtub after a portion of her more than 100-year-old apartment building collapsed sunday today officials blown away >> why wasn't she found earlier? i am totally transparent with you i do not know. >> reporter: they say crews had combed this site with canines, drones, even thermal imaging, indicating there were no survivors left so much so the city announced demolition would commence this morning. now confirming plans changed when brooks emerged. what did you think when you saw her in the window >> i was crying. yeah i was crying >> reporter: tonight, the city planning another search, now saying two people may still be trapped in the rubble one of them computer technician ryan hitchcock. his family pleading for patience >> ryan wouldn't want anyone else to put their lives at risk to unfortunately somebody who probably has not survived >> reporter: families say brandon colvin, a
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father of five, is the other person likely trapped, adding that's his apartment, his rack of clothes visible from the street >> they have not exhausted all -- all means to make sure everybody is out of there. >> reporter: the problem? the building, which the city says has a history of complaints and was under repair, is now being held up by rubble. >> be careful because this building is going to collapse. >> all right, maggie, we just heard it there. time is of the essence. any idea when that next search will happen >> so, tom, no set timeline for the search or the demolition at the same time we've reached out to the owner, and so far no response and new tonight, the city not ruling out the possibility of criminal charges against that owner, adding there will be a thorough investigation. tom? >> maggie vespa with some new reporting tonight. maggie, we appreciate that. we want to head overseas to a dramatic development in moscow. an attack by eight drones on residential areas of the city. president putin blaming ukraine and
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vowing retaliation molly hunter tonight on the apparent escalation of drone warfare. >> reporter: tonight inin moscow, preresident putin vowing to o retaliate for what he said was a ukrainian drone attack the attack, putin said on tv, was aimed at scaring russian citizens and hitting residential buildings. in video n not verified d by nbc news, a drone seen flying low over the capital. the russian ministry of defense says they shot down eight drones nbc news cannot independently verify that information the ministry says two people were injured and several buildings damaged, and moscow is pointing the finger directly at kyiv but tonight an adviser to president zelenskyy tells nbc news ukraine is not directly involved in the attacks in moscow. here in kyiv, the russian aerial bombardment has been unrelenting. at least one person has been killed, several injured, just in the last 24 hours early this morning, the ukrainian air
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force says it shot down nearly 30 russian drones now take a look at all of this debris, and they're actually still throwing debris out of the windows so we can't go any closer. residents tell us they heard a massive pressurized explosion overnight. unclear if that was debris hitting this building or whether it took a direct hit. max lived on the 12th floor. >> i closed my eyes because i thought well, that's it. that's the end. >> reporter: and across the capital, a new phase of this war. sasha lives just behind this building >> every time when we hear explosion, my body shaking, my voice is shaking >> molly joins us now. molly, from your reporting, it sounds like we're at a new inflection point with this war and you're seeing it on the streets of kyiv >> yeah, tom, that's right. things are really different here we've seen it the last few days have been terrifying we have seen residents of kyiv by the tens of thousands seek shelter in the subways those are scenes we haven't seen in months tom? >> okay, molly hunter, we appreciate that
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back here at home, police in hollywood, florida are searching for suspects after gunfire erupted on its famed boardwalk. nine people were injured, including a 1-year-old child sam brock now with a violent holiday weekend across america. >> reporter: tonight, hollywood, florida, just the latest city featured in a portrait of national violence >> somebody is on the floor shot someone is on the floor shot >> reporter: we're on a popular family-friendly promenade. >> most people got up from the restaurant, went around, hid in different places. >> reporter: hundreds scrambled for their lives amidst a volley of gunfire on memorial day. >> i think there was a child that was shot. we actually saw people bringing the child and getting into an ambulance. >> reporter: several individuals have been detained by law enforcement as police search for these three men they say are involved in yesterday's shooting, with nine victims, including a 1-year-old child. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening >> you hear gunshots, you don't know what it is. >> reporter: steps away from the violence, cory offers a window into the holiday horror
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new surveillance video from his cafe club shows a mom running by holding her child's hand, and a man plowing through a rope barricade. >> i was stunned, completely stunned to have it happen in hollywood beach where there is always police surveilling the area, businesses are safe. everything is safe here. >> reporter: the violence spiking nation wide over the holiday weekend, from hollywood, florida, to hollywood, south carolina, which saw five wounded in a shooting late monday and chicago, which just suffered its deadliest memorial day weekend in eight years with more than 40 shootings. >> then this in san clemente, california, authorities investigating this beating of three marines by a group of young people in yet another episode of senseless violence back here in hollywood, police recovered five guns they say were used in a shooting, two of which were obtained illegally. authorities right now very confident they'll apprehend the men who did this soon. tom? >> okay, sam in washington, that deal to raise the debt limit facing its first real test in congress with a critical vote late
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today. and timing is critical with america just days away from default. ryan nobles is tracking it all from capitol hill >> reporter: tonight, the first real test for president biden and house speaker kevin mccarthy's debt deal, a critical house committee vote >> yes, i'm confident we'll pass the bill. >> reporter: the legislation to avoid a catastrophic default must pass by june 5th. and already lawmakers from both the conservative right and the progressive left are raising concerns >> not one republican should vote for this deal it is a bad deal >> it is bad in a lot of respects. >> reporter: the bill will raise the debt ceiling for two years. and after republicans demanded spending cuts, the deal caps nondefense spending to just a 1% increase over the next two years. it claws back unspent covid aid and places new work requirements for some adults on food stamps. still, some house conservatives are worried mccarthy gave up too much, and some are entertaining what's called a motion to vacate, a vote to remove mccarthy as speaker.
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how do you view the motion to vacate in this situation >> as a tool to fix republican leadership to align with the republican conference. >> reporter: but mccarthy believes the bill's future is solid and his speakership is not in danger. >> i'm not sure what in the bill people are concerned about. it is the largest savings of 2.1 trillion we've ever had. are they opposed to work requirements for welfare? >> all right, ryan joins us now live. ryan you know this bipartisanship is so rare now both the president and speaker are counting on it for this to pass. >> that's exactly right, tom we know there are enough no republican votes right now to sink this bill that means the president and the speaker are going to have to lean on their political allies in order for it to pass. tom? >> okay, ryan. and a major update tonight on former first lady rosalynn carter the 95-year-old now battling dementia. blayne alexander has more. >> reporter: former first lady rosalynn carter is known as much for her work outside the white
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house as her time in it now tonight her family reveals she is facing a new health battle. at age 95, she has been diagnosed with dementia in a statement, her family writes, "she continues to live happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in plains, georgia, and visits with loved ones. it comes just three months after president carter entered hospice care, announcing he will forgo further medical treatment. tonight the white house says president biden has been in touch with the former first couple's team in recent months and wishes them well a fierce mental health advocate, rosalynn carter and her husband cofounded the carter center, spending decades doing humanitarian work around the world >> his belief and her passion on mental health issues and making sure that people really that their human rights were afforded the ability to have these issues addressed was part of the love story. >> reporter: and the carter family says they are sharing news of her diagnosis in
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part to help further that mission, saying they hope it leads to more conversations to break the stigma around the illness tom? >> and our thoughts with the carter family tonight. all right, blayne, thank you for that we'll be right back in 60 seconds with the astonishing caught-on-camera close call between a chinese fighter jet and a u.s. aircraft plus an nbc news exclusive. the russian mercenaries taking africa's gold and diamonds to fund its own military operations stay with h us fo
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we're back with a fighter jet close call this video, take a look, was taken inside of a u.s. aircraft flying a routine operation over the south china sea last week when a chinese fighter jet, you see it there, got much too close. the pentagon is calling it an unnecessarily aggressive maneuver. okay now to an nbc news exclusive. our richard engel with unheard of access inside an african country that is now dominated by russian mercenaries. those same mercenaries are considered some of the most ruthless fighters in the war in ukraine, and they're using their riches from thehe central
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africacan republic to fuel their fighting ththere. >> repororter: the centntral africacan republic is a failed state, torn apart by civil war. the infant mortality rate is the third worst in the world, and it's heartbreaking to witness in the capital bangui, i saw children starving to death. at the only pediatric hospital, they filled room after room. what's it like for you as the director here to see all these cases? "it upsets me," she says "mothers don't have money to buy food, and the children fall into this state." they are victims of africa's resource curse. the people are poor, despite living on land with vast untapped wealth here it's gold and diamonds but instead of lifting people out of poverty,
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the riches flow into the hands of russian mercenaries from the wagner group russia's private army known for its brutality in ukraine wagner's leader is yevgeny prigozhin, president putin's former caterer turned commander. in ukraine, wagner fights for the kremlin. it makes its money here, according to two western diplomats in bangui, wagner is extracting half a billion dollars a year in gold, rare timber, and blood diamonds this woman, who asked us to conceal her identity for her protection, lived in the village of ndassima, where her husband was a gold miner. she told me how russian mercenaries arrived, armed in vehicles and ordered the villagers to leave. >> translator: they were beating people, whipping people and chasing them away. >> reporter: when her husband and seven others refused to go, they were executed what do you think the russians wanted? gold you think it's as simple as that >> translator: yes they came for our
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wealth and for our gold today, my children don't have a father. they don't have anything at all. >> reporter: i'm sorry. thank you very much for doing this i know it's very difficult. thank you. the independent research group sentry provided nbc news with more than a dozen witness accounts with violence by wagner forces near the gold mine and other sites this was ndassima in 2019, before the russian takeover an image taken this month shows the mine has expanded dramatically analyst says it is now generating untraceable profits for wagner wagner was invited in to the central african republic by the government to help crush a rebellion, and it worked. the capital is now far more secure. wagner made a movie about its military campaign called "the tourist" showing its men defeating the rebels and saving the day. it was a hit and helped make wagner
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popular. do you think it's true, or do you think it's propaganda? "it's all true it's history," he says there is a statue honoring wagner on bangui's main boulevard. the group even provides the personal security for the president. mr. president, it's a real pleasure. richard engel, thank you very much. you've said quite famously, if your house is on fire, you don't care what color the water is so i understand why you reached out and you accepted russian help are you happy with it? >> translator: you journalists are here you should ask this question to the central african people they will answer you i am here to make sure that this population is protected >> reporter: the government depends on wagner for its survival wagner pays itself in gold the people are left starving we reached out to prigozhin. he responded with a voice note calling our questions provocative and saying in part,
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quote, you've received enough information if by asking these questions you intended just to spit at me, then i suggest you come closer. and after that, try to figure out if it's your throat in my hands or someone else's tom? >> richard engel for us tonight, richard, we appreciate that report still ahead, a former silicon valley superstar reports to prisonon and myststery in venicece we now know what's making that t grand canal soso green
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welcome back a former silicon valley superstar began her 11-year prison sentence today elizabeth holmes, former ceo of the blood testing lab theranos arrived at the minimum security facility in texas. she's guilty of defrauding investors who believe claims the company's technology could help diagnosis medical conditions, but it ultimately did not. also tonight, there is a desperate search under way for a man who fell off a carnival cruise ship the u.s. coast guard is looking by air and sea for a 35-year-old man who fell over the railing of his room balcony yesterday while the carnival magic was about 200 miles east of jacksonville, florida. and from venice, italy tonight, mystery solved well, sort of. authorities say this green stuff that suddenly appeared in the grand canal is a nontoxic chemical commonly used inin underwater constructition to help detect leaks but some mystery remains. they don't know how it got there. all right. up next, the moment a
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chicago white sox hero returns to his field of dreams for the first time since being cancer-free.
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finally tonight, they say there is no crying in baseball, but the tears were flowing at the white sox game last night for the emotional return of a player who has been fighting and winning against a deadly disease >> and let us see if indeed that phone call that he's been waiting for months upon months has come >> reporter: pitcher liam hendriks heading out of the bullpen and right into white sox lore. >> two drinks of water and one ball of emotion. a healthy one at that coming out >> reporter: the cheer from that chicago crowd growing as he inched closer to the mound at the top of the eighth during last night's game against the angels >> walking like a little circle on the mound, rotating around so i could see every single part of the ballpark at that point my wife was in one of the suites behind home plate. she deserves this as much as i do. >> reporter: back in december, the 34-year-old diagnosed with stage 4
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non-hodgkins lymphoma. how tough was that >> yeah, it wasn't an easy thing to hear, but i think the hardest thing was telling my wife. >> reporter: by april, following rounds of chemo, the closer announced what his team and fans waited to hear, he was cancer-free. and in the stands last night, this sign said it all that's got to hit you in a special place >> without a doubt that's the one thing that has hit me throughout this entire process has been how many people have either been affected or are apparently dealing with cancer in some form, some way. it's unbelievable how many people have reached out. >> swing and a miss. >> reporter: last night's game saw the angels come out on top. but for fans everywhere liam showed what a champion really looks like >> i don't take for granted any single day for the rest of my life for the rest of it, he will be a survivor and not only a survivor, a thriver. i want to make sure i pass that on to everyone i can going on this journey. >> we thank liam for share his story. we'll be rooting him all season long. and we thank you for
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watching "nightly news" this tuesday i'm tom llamas in new york have a great night
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good evening. this is "nbc bay area news tonight." i'm raj mathai. it is a busy tuesday in our newsroom. a lot of dynamic and high-profile stories. let's start with the disgraced theranos co-founder elizabeth holmes. this is her first night in prison. she reported to a federal prison in texas to begin her 11-year


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